Top Secret Christmas Activity

Mission Claus: Santas Sleigh Ride Scandal  Christmas image 0

Now available for a limited time only: Mission Claus: Santa’s Sleigh Ride Scandal

Santa’s sleigh is out of power! Help Santa find the key to his back up generator to save Christmas. Visit four workshops at the North Pole and complete puzzles along the way. Puzzles include a maze, sticker scenes, a holiday cipher and a jigsaw puzzle. The perfect activity to keep kids ages 5 to 10 busy for 30+ minutes. Also comes with elf hat, stocking, sleigh bell and the magic key. Only $12.50!

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Catching the Cookie Criminal!

Michael created a brand new mission for our Girl Scout troop meeting this week: The Cookie Caper.

With Girl Scout cookies on our brain, this was the perfect way for our Juniors to earn their Detective Badge.

The girls had so much fun solving the crime and learning how to fingerprint. Their favorite activity was creating a secret identity and using their rearview sunglasses for the power of observation. Even Michael’s younger sister who’s a Daisy participated and had a blast!

At one point, the girls were so focused analyzing the evidence that you could hear a pin drop. My co-leader and I were stunned! They have never been that quiet during a meeting!

Want your troop to join in the fun? We now offer a digital Cookie Caper Mission in our shop. Perfect for ages 6 to 10. Guaranteed to be a memorable troop meeting!

For those that want to add on to the meeting, when you buy the digital download, you can also get a troop discount on basic fingerprint kits $7 each, rear-view sunglasses $6 each and briefcases to hold all their detective gear for $15 each.

As a disclaimer, this mission is not affiliated or approved by The Girl Scouts of USA.

Happy Potter Escape Room

With Halloween coming, a Harry Potter escape room seems like the perfect party event! With a little hard work and a lot of creativity, we created a 30-minute challenge that requires opening 5 locked boxes with 5 different locks. Can you find the Sorcerer’s Stone before He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named? Check out a full walk through video of our Harry Potter escape room tailored for a 10-year-old birthday party on our Facebook page! Let us know what you think!



Road Trip to Mall of America!

june2016iphone 436

This summer we ventured to Mall of America. Six hours, four kids and five days …it was an amazing trip and these Road Trip Briefcases sure came in handy.  Packed full of activities and books, it helped the road trip go smoother and keep the kiddos busy at the hotel!

With such a wide range in ages (4 to 11), the briefcases were a perfect way to give each kid a little personalized treat. Nothing fancy, but all very exciting when you’re trapped in a car for hours! From joke books to post-its, imagination and family bonding were bound to make the car ride go faster.

Here’s a peak at a what was packed in a couple of our kiddo Road Trip Briefcases.

june2016iphone 037june2016iphone 038

You can now own one too. Check out these personalized Road Trip briefcases in our online store!

Top Secret way to beat the summer boredom!



It’s officially summer at Mission Unboxable! Jump ropes, bikes, chalk and bubbles cover corporate headquarters. No matter how many events and activities we have planned, not a day goes by without a couple of team members whining that they are bored! If your household is anything like ours, you are well into summer and need of a quick fix for the those BORED kids.

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